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“Be in the Right Place @ the Right Time for the Right Reason!"

Only $88.00 for Your Auspicious Date
Only $125.00 for Your Auspicious Wedding Date

Multiple factors affect the success and outcome of your endeavors.  Purposefully selecting the right time and place to conduct a specific action increases the likelihood of achieving a desired outcome.  There are four synchronicities to account for - the activity, the person or persons, the date and time, and the place.

The Art of Date Selection is as much about protecting you from bad days as it is about pinpointing the best day.  Success is enhanced when using this system to:
  • Start projects, events and endeavors on a positive note for maximum benefit, profit and/or longevity
  • Protect yourself from negative days that support undesired results
  • Maximize potential for growth and advancements
  • Tip the scales in your favor and to your advantage to enhance desired outcomes
  • Minimize challenges, problems and mistakes
To strengthen your chosen date, deciphering the best hour is also important as it attracts additional benevolent chi (energy) to that specific moment.

All you need to provide are birthdays of involved parties, best time frames and the description of the activity to be conducted.  In some cases, the orientation and construction date of a building will be required.  It’s that simple. 

Auspicious Date Selection

For everything there is a Season, a Time to Plant and a Time to Sow ...

Timing is everything.  Being in the right place, at the right time to do the right thing is all about timing.
Bring the forces of nature to your service by selecting the perfect day and time to conduct your major events.

Select your Categories of interest below to read further details:

Feng Shui Related Dates
Blessing Ceremony - Demolition - Ground-Breaking & Renovations - Moving Home or Business

Business Related Dates
Asset Acquisition - Grand Opening - Hire an Employee - Incorporation Date
Launch a New Product or Service - Move Business - Sign Contracts - Business Travel

Personal Affairs Dates
Move Homes - Start a Diet - Wedding Ceremony Date - Wedding Documentation Date - Other

Feng Shui Related Dates

Blessing Ceremony

Certain days are more readily ‘open to receive’ heavenly blessings than others. This date assists you in locking in the ceremonial intentions of your blessings. Learn more about Blessing Ceremonies.

While ground-breaking and renovations are about building, demolition is about destroying and tearing down. It carries its own energy pattern and requires a special date to commence. Lock in a good date that will strengthen safety, efficiencies and on-time completion.

Ground-Breaking & Renovations
It is so important to begin any type of construction in a location and at a time when the earthly spirits and heavenly realm are supporting your efforts and intentions. The alternative is the potential for setbacks, loss of money and manpower, mishaps and unexpected delays.

Moving Home or Business
For Moving Homes see Move Home below.
For Moving Businesses see Move Business below.
Choose the Type of Date you need selected:
Date Selection - Feng Shui Related

Business Related Dates

Asset Acquisition
Specifically intended for the purchase of large commercial assets that involve manufacturing, storage and/or the conducting of one’s business. Support your chances of creating a long-lasting relationship with the space, value-appreciation of the space and its contribution to your wealth.

Grand Opening
Start on the right foot and begin with a celebration! Officially open your doors for business on the right date to enhance your opportunities to receive the blessings of success.

Hire an Employee
Looking to retain your new employees, especially after you spend time and money training and grooming them to know your product or service? Select a day that strengthens their commitment and financially tips the scale in your favor.

Incorporation Date
Declare your business an official entity when the energy supports you, your business, your wealth and your success. Avoid creating unnecessary challenges and obstacles in this ever-competitive market.

Launch a New Product or Service
Don’t let all your time, money and anticipation of your new offering fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Pick the best possible day and time to support any and all of your marketing efforts and substantially boost the success potential of your new product or service.

Move Business
This is an exciting and memorable time indeed! Support your intentions and desires by planting your business in a new location when the time best supports you and promotes your success and longevity.

Sign Contracts
When you want all parties to keep their promises, you want agreements signed on this date. When you want others to honor their obligations and responsibilities choose a good date to establish harmony in purpose and wealth among the parties.

Travel (Business)
Only for those who have time on their side to choose a date and hour to commence travel for a very important business deal.


Choose the Type of Date you need selected:
Date Selection - Personal Affairs


Personal Affairs Dates

Move Homes
Find a good date to harmonize yourself with your new home. Help to ensure health, happiness and prosperity.

Start a Diet
Tired of trying and not succeeding or are you doing a diet for the first time and want it to be your last? Stack the odds in your favor by choosing a day that supports your determination, strengthens your will-power and promotes losing weight.

Wedding Ceremony Date
Want a day that goes as planned, where things flow smoothly and the event is a joyful celebration? Select a day and hour that supports this outcome.

Wedding Documentation Date
Start your married life on a solid foundation by choosing a date that strengthens and supports your commitment to each other! Avoid dates that heighten the likeliness of loneliness and lack of communication.

Have something in mind and it doesn’t match the choices above? Call me to discuss and we will determine what type of date selection best works for your personal needs.


Choose the Type of Date you need selected:
Date Selection - Personal Affairs

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